Stellar Corpses

Stellar Corpses is a band hailing from Santa Cruz, California. Their sound is an uncompromising blend of punk, psychobilly and rock and roll, borrowing inspiration from timeless acts such as Social Distortion, The Damned, The Misfits or Chuck Berry, among others. The group dives head first into a dark, gritty and frantic mood with edgy songs that are as timeless as they are unpredictable - from the staggering blast beats of hardcore derivation to the band’s horror punk aesthetics, their songs are in-your-face and direct, yet unpretentiously sophisticated. Throughout the span of their career, Stellar Corpses has the opportunity to tour throughout the world, sharing the stage with some of the most influential bands in the genre, including The Misfits, Demented Are Go, Mad Sin or Tiger Army.

Dead Stars Drive-In (Santa Carla, 2012)


1. Evil Dead 03:01
2. Vampire Kiss 03:30
3. Dead Stars Drive-In 03:17
4. Be Still my Heart 04:08
5. Death Ray Vision 02:10
6. Steel Butterfly 03:31
7. Twisted Fantasy (feat. Michale Graves)03:12
8. Blood Red 03:12
9. In Stitches 02:19
10. Pins and Needles 02:41
11. Train Wreck 02:44
12. War of the Worlds 03:33

Welcome to the Nightmare (Fiendforce, 2009)


Respect the Dead (Hairball 8, 2007)